Years back, I heard every adult say”Leaders of tomorrow.”

As I age, i have realized that tomorrow is not as far as we think it is. 

Time is a slut.Why? As soon as you realize what you are doing, it has screwed you.

We cannot continue blaming our leaders for the atrocities that we witness in our country.Yes, they do have a fair share in the well being of the nation but we need to do something.

Quite frankly, the time has come for us to STAND UP.

I know what you are thinking.”I’ve read similar articles. I have been told by elders.”

But change isn’t happening. We are our ONLY hope.

Generations will go and come, but what will stay is what you have left.

We can’t do much, seeing as we are not political figures.But we can implement so many ideas into our various communities.Aren’t you tired , Nigerians?Are you not tired of seeing negative reports on the news about your country?

“If the inevitability of human oblivion worries you, I encourage you to ignore it-“Peter Van Houten

We have to start seeing the whole panorama of our country’s welfare.







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