Time’s a Slut:Sequel

I sit  down without purpose

I watch without observing

I hear without listening

Because time’s a fvcking slut


I remember how you once were;innocent

Then I think of how you are now

And how everyone keeps commenting

’bout how i’ve changed, time’s a fvcking slut.


They say don’t waste time

Time is a slut!

It’s always wasted.But time has its

season, Time’s a fvcking slut


You can’t quantify time

People, awaken!Time paces around

faster than you can imagine

Don’t mistake her for a prostitute-Time’s a fvckin slut


So one day, I sat down with Time

Inquisitive of her view of the world

She told me everything was against her

She said the world thought she was a fvckin slut


Boys saying I’ll be commited

Girls saying I’ll give you my all

Lies, they’re all lies, most of the times.

Except when Time decides to not be a fvckin slut.


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