Our Pollination

They went into a place

He was silent for a bit, she was too

Then it happened-his anther met her pollen grains

Their petals were falling before-wind dispersal

Taking them elsewhere but their destination

Their filaments met ,their sepals touched

The pollen grains slid through the ovaries

They touched-ovaries to anther

They didn’t want to leave each other

He protected her like a sepal protects its bud

Their flowers were always attracted to each other,always

Sometimes,not  enough pollen stuck to the stigma

But the bee kept on going-he kept on going

Wet filament,rain poured,droplets of rain

The stamens were not affected by the wind,they waited patiently

The hug;the bond-unbreakable

Words flew from his lips:I love you

Love?Thou art worthy of my love?



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