The aftermath of failure


Uncadid thoughts

That reflects one’s degradation

of self worth,


The foreshadows of failure

Unceraincity,trails consuming-


Doubt that reflects one’s lack of preparedness



Why does thou awaken

only when the educated are tested?


You stare like a lion

before you attack the dare

That line was a fail

You gaze like a predator

before attacking the prey


What did success say?

She stood waiting for her foe to die,

She stood remembering the times she was the monarch-in-charge


I looked at her

She was like the stars that illuminated the sky

I realised she had a companion who new the path,the journey

to SugarCandy Mountain

I realised you needed to suceed


I cried, I wept

to the omniscient being

I waited for an answer.Caesura.

But I heard the echoes of my past

I saw the past like a movie,my past.


I realised that the journey was like mine.I recognised myself.

I was her.But I don’t know where she is.

I don’t know if she’s coming.




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