I had been anticipating this event for months.
The first being because I was finally going to have some fun in summer and the second being I would meet new people and find my twitter friends/acquaintances.I support any creative venture that has or would have a positive impact on lives.We find it hard translating our ideas as youths because sometimes we are caught in between childhood and adulthood.Childhood because sometimes,you want to be your immature self with the ‘you only live once’mentality.That isn’t bad since time is a slut as John Green said.Sometimes,you’re tempted to jump on bouncy castles with crazy long slides.When the childish hour passes by swiftly which tends to happen  quite naturally,we switch to adulthood.Serious minded and slightly uptight.A lot of times,quite subconsciously,we are given stereotypes.The most common phrases in our society being “teenagers of today” and the impulsive response being”times have changed”
I walked into the event with an open mind.I wasn’t going to be intimidated by no one and I was not going to intimidate anyone.The art piece was the first thing I saw.Her brush strokes were neat and the painting received loads of “wows”(credits to Bunmi)I was welcomed with open arms by a kind person,I got to realize was the talented rapper Kash.After a few minutes of waiting,my friends and I decided to socialize.I was pleasantly surprised that as more people came in and that happened quicker than I thought,less people were clung onto their phones.People were actually talking to each other.After taking a few walks back and forth,I visited the pop up store area.I circumnavigated the little area admiring the amazing designs by clothing lines such as Re-Dor,Renoir,V & F Clothing brought forth and the entrepreneurial skills many of us youths possess.I particularly liked the strategy SHUV used -giving badges out to those who bought their shirts.Needless to say,there were creatives pieces out there.I wish I had loads of money .
The party kicked off at 8ish. Rappers like OG Caesar and $B made the atmosphere live.Upcoming rappers like Grim Youth and Lord Loki wowed the audience.Savage was incredibly energetic and Papi had a way of grabbing everyone’s attention with his popular song Ridin.SV was good as well and had quite a number of people dressed in black shirts with his name(fonts were really cool by the way) Al-Kay was great to have on stage entertaining us with songs off Dreamology.Kash was amazing and the DJ did incredibly well playing songs everyone could dance to.Olugbenga was a fantastic host and I cannot forget the hype men at the back who motivated the performers and the audience.The strobe lights and smoke credits to Kitan Ariyo were creative additions to the night and although I thought I had epilepsy after dancing there for a while,it weared off when the performers came in.
We all made it live.Cece’s brilliant idea was put into reality with an amazing team.Although there were a few mishaps like stolen phones and the frequent ‘hold up’ by a few rappers;the night was beautiful and  unforgettable.From the cool clothing lines to the array of clothes displayed and promoted  to the great music and friendly people I met;UP was the definition of youths coming together to achieve one goal-showcasing talents.
And yes “times have changed”

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