Tomorrow is an illusion.

Hi Everyone. One day, i was given homework on what my philosophy is. Many have asked me but i couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t cliche.Two of my poems talk about time and how it goes.I think this one does too.In my opinion, many of us live in an illusion or rather, in an idyllic fantasy.My biology teacher once told me that tomorrow is an illusion.It made me start thinking.His reason was that when they tell us we are leaders of tomorrow and our present s much like yesterday,what tomorrow do we have.What leaders can we account for if the leaders that are leading today are a threat to our tomorrow.



Tomorrow is an illusion

For tomorrow is of a world different from today

We face anxieties hoping for tomorrow, awaiting for the next day

We pretend like its near

But it’s still coming

For in my world we are still infatuated with the present

We are intertwined within this stage of time

But as soon as we awaken,we might see tomorrow


I have no philosophy

But i was told we are closer and closer to death as we breathe

each second;that could be mine

Every day we awaken,

we are years far from birth

Tomorrow is an illusion.



2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is an illusion.

  1. I love your writing it leaves me in a thoughtful, and at times melancholic mood. You’re off to great things, Lanaire.

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