Feel free to Judge

Am i hard hearted sometimes

when i despise false smiles 

when i grieve for less lies

Because no one wants to tell the truth


Am i a burden to the souls of this earth

when i keep telling the sun to set

when i want the clouds to keep floating to the west

Because everyone wants the rain


Am i still a victim to my jugdements

when I pretend like everything’s okay

when i act like care about the words of some

Because everyone wants their voice to be heard


Am i truly loved by those in my division

when i smile because i’m suppose to

when deep down i’m bleeding

Because everyone wants a happy person


Am I slave to the master

when i obey orders that are…..

when i work for unvaluable currency

Because everyone believes money is everything


So who am I? Who are you?

for you are a slave to your master

you fake smiles to make people happy 

you pretend like you care

but what hurts the most

Is that you don’t even tell the truth


You tell me that you are not keen

keen?You hate their guts

you laugh, you love, you live

with your own lies and self indulgence

you are cruel and unkind

And you think your memories are bittersweet


I laugh at you for you are blind

you recreate your atmosphere but you are in reality

you think you have wise words to share

but you are like a violin with no strings

you are gun without bullets

You are a country with no hope


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