Third Mainland Bridge

The long,long bridge
Different  models of cars pace about
like lions,deers,tigers in a habitat
your rate of movement is encoded in social class-that is,of your car
your rate of movement is also encoded in
size-simply size
the lion(the predator) pounces on the deer(its prey)
the large Range Rover overtakes
the little Kias,Toyotas and the outdated Lexus
Weeknd playing-Wicked Games
the bridge never seems to end
the beautiful landscape reminds me of the Lagos i envisioned:
canoe men facing the tedious task of rowing the boat
I reach for my camera, and attempt to capture the beauty
but i can’t zoom enough
my lens isn’t so powerful,it’s only  16 mega-pixels
Above,the cumulus clouds swing gently
I reach for my camera:
The tree canopies are green,nature at its best
The irony is behind those large trees
are giant electric poles,cables,large apartment
I am reminded that we are in a metropolis
Infrastructure has strangled nature
Don’t forget the danfos-their drivers impatient,likewise their passengers
Just saw the green signboard:Ebute-Metta to the left
Hawkers-athletes-in training
One winked at me-no comment
My legs are crossed now
i’m hungry and tired and cold
it’s misty far ahead
Business men sleeping while their chauffers drive
Street lights are the giraffes
You thought i forget the savannah
It’s a race,you know
It’s a race to work,a race to play.
Another display of exuberant colours
Coca-Cola billboards.
I might drift away soon
Ah,i forget the most hardworking beings
The Lastma officials have upgraded their uniforms
Pale yellow,wine trousers are still worn
But the guys on ‘sort-of-quad bikes’ have gear’
Camera failed me-memory full
And this poem is too long
i’ll just keep watching Third Mainland Bridge
i’ll be here till Friday.


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