I was going to write about what happened two days ago but the tree from which my paper came from had been cut down by vicious men and women and nature did try to fight back.Nature was always on my side but the men and women were thirsty,greedy creatures and nature watched the tree fall this time.One day  the men and women admired the rings of the tree, the tree with dead roots and dead leaves and a dead stem-dead inside.The tree cried,the tree cried,the tree wept and rain fell whilst the tree was not there.the tree was not there the tree tried to stand through deforestation.The problem with the tree was the lack lustre rate of what nature had given .The tree did not respire as well,the tree did not photosynthesise as well,the tree did not translocate as well and the tree watched others trees rise and it trembled to fear knowing at some point it did all what nature wanted well but wasn’t given life in return.

Life in success because the tree was once an epitome of this success the tree still is but a bit less.


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