1. the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.This statement is what stemmed my desire to have this segment.A few years back I had a tunnel-visioned mindset.I had this because although i was intelligent,I did not want to open my mind.If you are wondering how creativity is linked to this,I believe creative endeavors often stem from emotions and experiences but most of all,your imagination.Some might argue that people learn creativity while others believe creativity is a gift given to people.

Picasso once said “There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun”In my opinion,the second half of the statement is for creative people.

In primary school,creative writing was my favourite subject. I was told the stories with the best lies received the highest scores.This was the genesis of my creative journey.I doubted my ability to a large extent at some point in my life.It took my Maths teacher who saw the potential i had to motivate me.The truth is,although,it worked, I realised the painter has the universe in his mind and hands.

You might not know them,you might.There is this inner fire,a god feeling one has when he or she creates.I believe the people i have chosen for this segment have had it at some point in their lives.They all share one thing in common;they have done something productive about the ideas they thought of.

Adesoji Tejuoso -Designer/Stylist/Model @adextej

1.What is creativity to you?

To me, creativity is expression in its purest forms, creativity is being able to take the fact that you are a living being with a unique set of experiences and being able to express those experiences, through whatever medium; art, music, dance, whatever, to make someone else experience something new, to help people learn from each other.

2.Have you ever felt enlightened by an event in the past that has given you a new perspective on life?

I’m enlightened by new things every day, everything I see or fell shapes my perspective on life at any point in time. In terms of a recent event i’ve recently been thinking about life, what it means, why we have it, what happens next. It’s changed my perspective on life because i’ve come to realise we’re here for a limited amount of time, from what we know anyway, each and everyone of us. So now when I make decisions I do whatever makes me happy, because time is the only luxury and I don’t have any to waste on things I don’t want to do.

3.Do you think that creativity is part of human nature or is it something that must be nurtured and learned?

Definitely a part of human nature, you can’t learn to be creative. What you can learn is how to push apart all the things stopping you from being creative; there are a lot of barriers between people and creativity in the modern world, expression is looked down on a lot, from parents killing dreams because they feel studying Art at university wouldn’t result in a well paying job to society generally looking down on nudity as a form of self expression. We’re all creative, we all have ideas we want to let out of our heads, the difference is that some of us are willing to try to express these ideas but others die with them in their heads.

  1. Certain creative people (for example, Van Gogh and Wagner) have been thought to have had psychological problems, although not everybody agrees with this. Do you think that there is any link between psychological problems and creativity?

I think we all have psychological problems, whether we choose to to admit or not. Of course we experience and handle them in different ways, and to different extents of severity. Although with that being said I think since we were naturally made to make, that sometimes having ideas you can’t let out frustrates the brain to the point were psychological problems are worsened.

5.How are your designs unique?

I assume you’re speaking about the Fayded Clothing designs, Creative direction is handled by me and a friend who both own the clothing line, we want to create to express the inspiration we’ve gathered from the world around us, and give back to the world around us.

I try to express and create through as many mediums as I can; apart from designing clothes i do a lot of artwork and a few things i’m going to attempt to accomplish from a musical standpoint very soon.

OG Caesar(Bankole Jibowu)Artiste @OGCaesar_

1.Does spirituality and culture play a role in your creativity?Explain

Spirituality and culture plays a massive role in my creativity.Well,i understand myself on a deeper level, spiritual, not fully but in more depth than the average man, so in knowing myself I control more in life as much as i can.Culture, music is a big part of our culture, so is art.All forms of expression.And i’m a very passionate person, so if its not music or art, i have issues;words aren’t enough, music is like transcribing the awkward rambling of your soul.

  1. What point in your life did you realize that you had creative talent?

I was told I was special from a young age by people around me.I realized by myself I was talented when I turned ten or so.

  1. What do you think keeps your imagination from conforming to mainstream society? Please explain.

My imagination is beyond mainstream society

  1. Do you endeavor to convey your emotions through your creativity? If so, explain how you do this.

I don’t endeavor to do so but if I’m in the mood and I know it’ll help someone get through a bad time then yeah

5.Who is your greatest influence?

God.You can only really understand that if you think for some time.

Oshogwe Ugbome-Writer @DaddyTheFatherr

  1.  Do you create hidden meanings/messages in your work?

Well I wouldn’t really say I create hidden messages in my work, because I normally leave everything straight forward and easy to grasp whilst maintaining my initial train of thought which might be slightly complex even for me, but nevertheless, I don’t create hidden messages in my work

2.Are you a fan of cartoons?If so,what is your favorite?

Hell yeah, I’m a huge fan of cartoons, been watching cartoons for as long as I remember, cartoons played an important part in my growing up.
Right now my faves have to be over the garden wall (it’s this new show on Cartoon Network, I watched the marathon earlier this year, it’s very lovely and weird), Adventure time, because it’s so insightful, Steven Universe because it’s super awesome and female characters rock

3. What is the ultimate message in your creative expressions?

Well, the ultimate message in my creative expression is just love, peace, oneness and some other aspects I can’t seem to remember, basically my mind is still very conscious and I just want to remind everyone that such ideas and concepts still exist in this world of constant negativity, there is still light, there will always be hope as long as you believe and never give up

4. Besides writing,are there any other creative channels you use to express yourself?

Yeah, through speaking, usually one on one conversations with people where I’m able to mix minds with the person in particular. It’s truly a lovely thing. Also there’s this thing where I make silly banter, for instance, the whole meatpie phenomenon I started a few years back, I’m not obsessed or in love with the snack, I just like it and channeled a banterous element through my likeness of it, this opening a new door of self expression for me.

Ifechi Tamara Uzoka-Poet and Writer @Yokohanu

1.Do you think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work? Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions.

Well I think it’s a mixture of both to be honest, you can let your mind flow freely to see how far and how much you can surprise yourself but you can’t really go all the way if you don’t put your mind and heart into it.

2.What is your favourite colour and does it describe you as a person?

My favourite color is orange, it doesn’t really describe me as a person, it’s just a color I’d prefer to paint onto anything I could.

3.Is there a particular place where you feel most creative?

This might be weird but most of my creative energy flows in the bathroom while I’m showering and listening to music, that’s when I really start listening as every word from the lyrics sinks into my head and I start to understand the lyrics and can get inspired to write things up from there.

Seunfunmi E. Tinubu (@TinubuTweets) – Writer/Founder of ‘fvdedcollective’

  1. Do you do anything special to get your “creative juices” flowing?

To get my creative juices flowing I usually just listen to music to get me into a vibe for my writing. Rap helps me get my flows right within the poetry because I like my pieces to have a nice flow to it when you’re reading it. When it comes to stories, I just get an idea and I run with it. I don’t have to do anything too specific for a story.

  1. What is the ultimate message in your creative expressions?

The ultimate message…I don’t even know really. Lately I’ve been writing poetry from a personal perspective so I try and do it in a way that people can identify with. I think my ultimate message for my personal pieces is that I’m just trying to figure myself out and figure out life. My stories usually analyse a problem people face everyday like struggling with your demons, facing racism, things like that. I want people to be able to identify with what I write. That’s my end goal.

  1. How did you think of fvdedcollective?

fvdedcollective actually came about with the help of a friend, Tomisin Akinwunmi. She came to me with an idea about a site where we and some other writer friends of ours would operate a joint blog. So I took that idea and flipped it into a place where young writers can submit their stuff and have it viewed by lovers of literature, then it expanded to photography and music. Got some of my other friends on board with it and we just kind of ran with the idea.

  1. What effect (if any) do you think your childhood has had on the creativity you display as an adult?

My childhood didn’t really have any effect. I wrote my first poem when I was 10 years old for Kyra Jackson, this girl I thought I loved. She laughed at me with her friends and I cried. Didn’t pick up poetry again until January, 2014 and short stories in October of the same year so things just flowed from there. The last two or three years have had a much bigger impact on the creativity I display more than anything because I’ve learned a lot about myself in that time and its manifested in my work.

  1. What is your prime motivation to be unique?

My prime motivation to be unique is that I don’t want to end up like the type of people I dislike. There are a lot of shallow people that are more interested in following trends and being seen following these trends than doing something that really comes from their heart and is worthwhile. I don’t force myself to be different or do different shit, it just happens naturally. I’m not sitting down thinking “damn, I gotta be the most original guy out here. My work’s gotta be the most unique.” I literally just go with what feels right to me without stressing over what other people are doing. I don’t ever want to force it, I like the feeling of doing these things organically and being able to stand out like that.

6.Have you ever felt enlightened by an event in the past that has given you a new perspective on life? Please explain.

An event from the past…not one specific event to be honest. My whole 2014 was like a super crazy growing experience. Life kicked my ass a lot but I learned a lot and it helped to develop how I think and approach situations and relationships as well as how I write. There were times when I doubted myself seriously in terms of writing, but some people told me I inspired them to start writing though. That was a “wow” moment for me. I never set out to inspire people but something like that let me know I was on the right path, got my confidence up again. Haven’t looked back since.

6.Have you ever felt enlightened by an event in the past that has given you a new perspective on life? Please explain.

Femi Ajayi-Artist @femiajayi_

  1. You could become one of your characters/works of art, which one would you choose? Why

i would be the piece ‘ creation’ because although i love my present self i long to recreate myself but with physical features i never had.

  1. How would you define creativity? explain how you go about deciding that something is creative.

Creativity to me can be defined as the ability of one to fabricate something amazing through the use of ones imagination and the ability for one to visualise ones observations.There’s no definite way to decide if something is creative,if the piece is indeed creative,the spectator/observer can recognize and feel the originality of ones work cause that’s what separates us from each other.

  1. If you had the chance to live during a different artistic movement other than now, which one would you choose?

I would live in the baroque period because the amount of emotion, drama and tension expressed the artists is far greater than any other that i’ve ever observed.

  1. If you could interview a creative person (past or present), who would that person be? Please explain your choice.

I would interview Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso .Well because the expression in all of his pieces  makes one think the way he expressed his creativity in them is like no other artists.His pieces are quite unique;every single one of them different from the other. I  would like to get his own personal perspective and insight on them.

 David-Writer @alakhumeee

  1. Do you think there is a driving force that inspires you?explain

Yeah. I get inspired by a lot of things and that’s what makes me write but my greatest inspiration is I want people to look at me in awe and say I want to be like that guy I want to achieve what he has achieved.

2.If you knew that you had only one last opportunity to express yourself creatively, what message would you want to convey to others?

It might seem cliche now but my message would be you can be anything you want. And you might fail but go for it anyways. Everyone is scared of failing because life is body but I feel like if you live that way you back yourself into a corner and try to ‘make something of yourself’ when Infact you could be something greater.

  1. What other person(s) do you consider to be creative and why?

I consider a lot of people to be creative. I think I consider everyone to be a little creative. I’d have to say most of my new friends though. They’re all very talented and try to use it in the most expressive and creative way they can.

  1. From where does your creativity stem?

My creativity stems from a lot of things. Sometimes from the weather or music. But most of the time it’s from my thoughts.

Isaac Umoren- Viner @issac_umoren

  1. How are you able to convey a message in six seconds?

Well for one thing,it’s really hard.I come up with loads of ideas but trying to fit it In 6 seconds takes a lot of effort and time.

2.     Do you think creativity is innate or learned?

Innate. This is because my mum always told me even as I was a baby I did some abstract things that hardly anyone could explain. My teachers classified me as gifted and special as well.

  1. At what point in your life did you realize you were funny?

Well, for a start, my name means laughter .Erm, when I used to make my family laugh at the age of 7.

 Zurum Okereke- Designer @Zurum


  1. What is Zone District to you?

Zone District is for the shakers and movers. For those who are not looking to join the norm but be the norm. Zone District is for those who want to express who they are. We are now about exclusiveness, there is no special brand, there is no special clothing, who ever says that isn’t being completely honest. Instead it’s the people that are special or the stories they tell that make them special. With Zone District each design is meant to have a story attached to it; life is not only about what we do for stories but the lessons and ourselves we pass on to others. This is why Zone District doesn’t spew out design after design, each design has to have a meaning behind it. Zone District is one step in my goal to leave an overarching impacting on the world

  1. How or when did you feel success?

In relation to Zone District I don’t think I’m fully successful. There have been various achievements such as media interviews and fashion shows, but I have felt success and will continue to feel successful when I can have different kids come up to say that what I have been able to achieve is an inspiration to them. I don’t need to be recognized worldwide to feel successful.

  1. You are incredibly innovative, and creativity and innovation work hand in hand. What are some of your strategies?

The goal is to try and be a game changer. Set standards for you, not others, it will down the line. I’m constantly looking to break barriers and prove to others and myself that I can achieve my goals, my way. I have really grown to appreciate the world around me. I cannot forget my Nigerian background even though I live in America. Business wise, I try to be diverse in my ventures. I aim to be have varied and highly specific undertakings; whether it’s non-profit or for-profit, or in entertainment and media, or scientific, financial or something with evolving infrastructure. Creativity and innovation is not necessarily about starting something new, rather, you can also look at what has already been done and find ways to make the whole experience better. Also, staying in touch with older, more experienced professionals is very important. Lastly if you are not truly invested in your idea, it might not turn out as successful as you desire.


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  1. Love this! I secretly stalk many of these people and look up to them. It was great to see their perspective on things.

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