My soul is the ‘I’ that inhabits me

She has sensations and thoughts, desires and beliefs

Music invigorates her

It is pleasure.


Her entrance into my temple

gave it its senses, thoughts and identity

She is not just my control system

She is an embodiment of the purpose of my existence


You cannot conceive my soul without my body

Although they are independent entities

My soul has a life

She only stays with the body because she has to

But when is she free at last

She leaves as quick as the speed of choice


They say we should believe

They say seeing is believing

So if our eyes are windows to our soul

Puis, relier les points


There are three things that make me

My soul, my mind and body

It is what makes me, me

There are foes

There are friends

But no matter who we keep,we die like our dogs

We rot like our compost

We fall like our leaves

And our soul falls with us


My soul is a budding flower

It is a caterpillar metamorphosing

Into a butterfly

My soul rarely registers its consciousness

But she determines her body’s conscience

Or is it the mind and the spirit?


My soul trembles gradually into full consciousness

Elliot told me so

If I was the world

My soul would be the universal truths

My body the variables


My soul hears the cadence of crotchets and minims

Of the musical composition

She smiles at the ink caressing


She laughs at the choices we make

When we exude emotions


My soul is genderless

It is my raison d’etre.

My soul is the ‘I’ that inhabits me




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