one third of a year

we were on opposite platforms

the male stranger and I

he wore a jumper that was as red

as the nail polish on my fingers

and sat on the bench watching.


train stations are special

they aren’t like airports

or bus stops

or parking lots

train stations are special

and red shirt(yes that is his name)told me so.


eleven twenty nine-that was my train

i didn’t know it snowed today

till I saw the white flakes of snow on concrete and it

stared right back at me

like red shirt’s eyes did

it was a stare that melted my frozen eyes

or my frozen heart.


I missed my train for the second time in

one third of a year

I met a friend on a bus stop

and she googled train timings

for me


so in finsbury park,i waited

for the five-eleven train

made of four carriages

(one third of a year)


the first time I missed my train

i went to see a friend

a friend with the same name as ‘four’

one third of a year.


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