broken screens can be pretty

today,i broke my phone:bs

the first time ,in a shop
the next time,in front of a restaurant

i wasn’t sad
at all.

i looked at the screen
now filled with lines
that were not once there
when the manufacturer created it

as I picked up my screen
and stared at the screen,
i saw my reflection
and I thank God I saw it this time

because some people see
a blank screen
some people see dents
some people see that their
artificial glass has completely broken
but mine hasn’t
so I thanked God

the creator like the manufacturer (who is in fact the creator’s creation)
the creator’s first creation
is and was supposed to be without any dents
or broken glass

or was the creator’s creation created without dents? 

it is four o’clock

i am late
but the moment seizes me
my hair is being blown by the wind
i sat down on this bench to write down
my observations

it is so cold,
tears run down


and one more thing.
my  phone, like me
is pretty
even with all the dents.

*the picture above is an image from flickr*


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